About Us


Angela is our owner, manager, handyman, trainer and coach.

with so much to do, she is lucky to be able to have such a bunch of lovely horses both to work with and for herself.

her horses Richard, Tolly and Leo are all OTTB personally trained for herself and her goals.

Luckily the golden child  Leo is such a super sweet, cruzy and quirky dude as Angela loves the quirky, spunky and lively horses and definitely has enough spunk in both the Retired horse Richard and the Extra Lively mare Tolly.


She definitely has a type haha

Current Goals are to get Baby Leo through B.E.D.S 


Jamie is our all hands on deck stable hand, she helps keep the machine that is Salieri Park well oiled and running,  from everything to feed out, mucking out to helping fence.

Jamie keeps both her lovely horses hear at Pallotti Park, Teddy and Tex.

Jamie is currently working towards bigger and better things with her OTTB Teddy.

Currently working towards competing more and her studies in Diploma of Equine Science.

Your choice for Equestrian retraining and Coaching

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