About Me

My name is Angela, I have dreamed of owning and running my own equestrian business since I was young, the drive to want to help Thoroughbreds find their life after racing was one of my biggest drives as a young teen studying to be a coach and bringing up my first horse and TB Richard.

with a busy schedule of coaching my students on one of my OTTB Cruise and coaching riders of all levels with all sorts of horses, I also ensure to have enough time to have a few OTTB on the go, either getting ready to compete or just getting ready to be a horse again.

All my personal horses are off the track thoroughbreds that I have bought up for my personal needs and wants.

I love super sweet, crazy and quirky horses. The spunkier, smarter and athletic the better.


Below left to right are 

My late mare Tolly, was a long road to gold but even through all the hiccups in the way, the knowledge I earned from training, treating and just being with her is beyond words!

Leo, my quirky, not so young anymore, baby Leo, has to be the sweetest and kind natured horse I have ever owned and despite his attitude is a breath of fresh air.

Richard, the legendary Poker Face, thought me how to ride and love the thoroughbred breed, the journey we shared is not like any other. enjoying retirement at 27.

Your choice for Equestrian retraining and Coaching

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