After they spell

After the horse has a spell suitable to there needs they are ready to stat, when they come in from there spell they will often stay in spelling or group paddock beginning the start of there training.

the first step with any horse is groundwork before they start under saddle and will do ground work and light lunging work with no gear and full gear to help see any triggers as well as set them up for success.

after this prose has been started the goal is to then bring them through there paces and teach them correct transitions, contact and leg aids, a horse is not finished until they can understand all these steps and do them calmly and softly to the aids of the rider.

why these steps are being learnt it is good to get them out walking the race track, hang out on the obstacles and prepare for outings, even in hand outings why they are still learning there riding aids are important. any outing is a bonus.

Once all the essentials are set in we begin to teach them how to jump and start making small outings more often were possible to help them open more doors for there future.

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