Hi my name is Angela and I am the chief Coach, Re-Trainer and owner of Salieri Park, I am a fully qualified and insured equestrian coach specializing in young rider eventing and adult riders coming back into riding.  I cater for all ages, abilities and goals.

I mainly operate out of my equestrian complex Pallotti Park however I make regular outing too day clinics and private/ group lessons in Lara, Teesdale, Ballarat and the Drysdale area.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Please also feel free to check out my events calendar for upcoming events on property and OFF.

What I offer

Dressage Coaching
$45.00 + (minimum 45 minutes)
Working a horse correctly in dressage is one of the biggest, hardest and most often mistaken techniques in riding. My lessons work on building the horse up from the leg and seat to achieve true self-carriage and confidence in the rider’s aids.

Show Jump Coaching 
$45.00 + (minimum 45 minutes)
From confidence building and strength building - pole work to course training. Learning how to work as a team to achieve the best results in any environment.

Cross Country Coaching
$45.00 + (minimum 45 minutes)
I can help you on cross-country by helping you build your confidence on single jumps and getting used to being in big, open spaces all the way up to riding a full cross country course correctly at any height.

Young Rider Coaching 
$35.00 + (minimum 30 minutes)
I work with young riders to achieve their goals of riding correctly. We all know young riders don't want to listen to their parents when riding, but we all want them to learn safely while still enjoy themselves enough for it to all sink in. I pride myself in helping kids build confidence in their ability and ride safely.

Group Lessons
1 hour • Starts at $20.00 per person
For when you want to ride with friends or you just want to save a little money, group lessons are a great way to socialize. Groups go for 1 hour with a maximum of 5 riders per group.

Float Training
$60.00 + (minimum one hour) 
A horse that self-loads is a safe horse! All float training sessions start with groundwork and work forward to getting your horses to self-load confidently and correctly but most of all safely!!!

$35.00 + (minimum 30 minutes)
All aspects of a horse’s behaviour can come down to respect.  Respect is something learned not given and it is up to the owners to ensure they're asking the right questions and getting the right responses on the ground and in the saddle!

Your choice for Equestrian retraining and Coaching

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