Our Mission

Hear at Salieri Park we take pride in the quilty of horse we are aiming to release to the public, being a relatively new service that we are offering, retraining OTTB has been a dream of mine since I retrained my first OTTB Richard when I was younger, after that, I was hooked and went on to continue retraining OTTB for personal needs and helping friends.


Richard has not only been my inspiration to help provide thoroughbreds with life after racing but is also my business namesake as he raced many moons ago under the name Salieri Sam.

Our mission is clear, give horses the opportunity to thrive in there new life and to give them as many advantages to set them up for success.

All horses are exposed to as much variety as possible before the sale, with desensitization and outings being just as important as teaching respect on the ground as well as leg aids and suppleness to hands.


For more information about our step by step training methods please see the tabs below.

Your choice for Equestrian retraining and Coaching

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