Bombers Ultra Comfy Lock-up

Tack Tuesday

To help our followers get a better understanding of the things we use and why we are starting tack Tuesday. If you have any suggestions keep an eye on our stories to be able to make suggestions, or feel free to contact us

This week is The Bombers ultra-comfy lock up with egg but cheek-piece.

The Bombers ultra-comfy lock up has 50% jaw relief and 50% bar relief, and even though not all our horses stay in this bit it helps to highlight what the horse will need when it comes to bit why still being a soft and straight forward first option.

This is one of the first steps to helps me select the right bit for our horses.

Do you ever wonder about bit fitting? If you need your horse fitted. In-trust your horse to the experienced hands of Loren, at Horse bit Emporium. If it wasn't for Loren's fantastic knowledge of the horse's mouth anatomy, as well as her wisdom about bits. My horses and many others would not have the opportunity and comfort-ability they have today.

Contact Loren for more information.

And keep an eye out for out next Tack Tuesday.

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