Leo, and the expressive Tongue!

Have you met Leo? More importantly, have you met his tongue?

Leo casually trotting around the round yard

Today I took baby Leo out to a local Freshmans, Leo's tongue was of course on show, and for all those young and old there were giggles, smiles and me showing them where to touch his mouth if you want him to stick it out for you to pull on 😂 ( his favorite trick )

Leo waiting his turn at the breakers, when he was in prep to be a race horse. This photo was sent to me by one of his many fans.

As much as his tongue is annoying, he works beautifully enough to score an 8 in a dressage test, then for the judge to cross it out once he turns the corner and they see his tongue.

But his tongue is a part of his personality! His tongue has been something for track workers, stable hands and his owners to remember him by from a foal - it's the first thing anyone that knew him as a breaker or racehorse talks about 😂🙊 So why do I bring this up?

Today at the Freshmans, a lady I know asked me about his tongue (and that's old news, everyone asks). My responce was he just does it.

In the background someone says "just put a drop on it"

Now let's address this, yes it's crap that his tongue hangs out and ruins his score sometimes, but he is a baby and he never does it out of disobedience. Everything is in order - teeth, a kind and soft bit that he cant get the tongue over - but he still does it because it's just him.

And since he goes calmly and willingly even when his tongue is out, there is no point trying to lock it in. Not to mention that if you do he sticks it out anyway and gets upset because it gets stuck 😂🤦‍♀️

Leo's second outing to the beach, post racing. he loves everymoment and will swim for days if you let him.

One day we might need to shove it in there somehow ( not actually by force of course ) but right now it's not causing a problem. His mouth stays shut on its own accord and there is no resistance, he just let's his tongue drop out like nobody's business. 😋😂

The equestrian sport is not about jamming mouths shut and force fixing problems with gadgets, it's about building together as a team and concurring the issues when ready.

Right now my little almost 5 year old ( omg 😱 ) can have his tongue out and I'm just fine by that, even if it means we will get lower marks. He will get there and that's all that matters.

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Happy Riding 😁🐎❤😋🦄

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