Posting with dyslexia

So this is a hard thing to write for so many reasons, and I honestly wanted to write this much later in my career. I mean, I have written like 100 blogs, but I have only published one maybe two by the time I publish this if I get enough confidence haha.

If you are unsure exactly what Dyslexia is please check out, What is Dyslexia ? on the Australian Dyslexia Association website.

The lack of confidence is because I know what to write; I know what I want to say. If we were having a conversation, I could talk to you about my point of view or my experience perfectly fine and even with multiple different ways of explaining it, as long as its a topic I can apprehend. I am generally able to help you understand what I am trying to say because we all know not everyone can understand the same thing the same way. Being able to explain things differently if someone has trouble understanding, or changing how I would explain something for a different client to suit the way their brain works is actually one of my proudest traits. It helps me in all walks of life from coaching to talking to my clients in both my training and agistment business.

But, once I have to write it down I freeze, it's so hard - and not because I can't think of the words, I can think of so many words, even too many words. It is the spelling and mainly the grammar I struggle with. Grammar to me is my kryptonite, it’s the thing that’s the hardest for me and makes the whole process of writing the blog, post or business email so much harder. You see things have spell check and I have Grammarly which is fantastic, but unfortunately when you’re much worse than normal people, these programs can still leave errors behind.

Now this is all fine. I have come to the point were I am ok with this and I am lucky enough to have friends offer to help me through the proofreading process. However it doesn’t mean sending them my draft isn’t terrifying and the wrong person checking it or giving back negative comments sets me back. This can be draining on a mental level when all you wish to do is express the information you are passionate about, or share an important message for clients or potential clients, because having a social media presence is so important for a small business trying to make it in this big world.

But that is just the problem. Social media. It is full of keyboard warriors and grammar Nazis that can't wait to shun you. Awesome, no problems, do what you want if you want to criticize someone’s learning difficulties - to either make them feel stupid because you don’t like their point, or just to make yourself feel superior - then go right ahead if that’s who you are and it’s something you feel you need to do. It's such a strange world we are in. But none the less if writing these comments are right or wrong the problem with my grammar and spelling is still a problem even for the people that are not commenting negative comments. You see it’s not professional and I fully get that, hence why I am paying for Grammarly and asking for help so I can write this long-winded blog about how hard it was to write it in the first place.

This new world of social media is fantastic for so many reasons, but so much harder for those that have trouble with what seems so easy to everyone else. So all I ask is, before you make a nasty comment or notice a small grammatical mistake maybe think about the other person, and even in this world full of technical assistance. We are all humans, and we all make mistakes, and maybe - just maybe - the person you are about to call out on their business page or a post asking for assistance, maybe they find it harder than you and after they’ve proof-read it for the 50th time they still missed something because that’s just how their brain works.

If you are unsure exactly what Dyslexia is please check out, What is Dyslexia ? on the Australian Dyslexia Association website.

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