Saddle pads - what we use for every day riding and how we keep them in tip-top shape

Today's tack Tuesday is saddle pads, with a heap of votes for pads this week I have highlighted our work pads as well as the way we store them.

Our work pads are a range of Anky, Lemiuex and a hand full of Escadron.

We also have some special pads locked away for outings and competitions.

These pads are easy to clean, don't rub, fit under saddles well and as a bonus come in a bunch of lovely colours to suit any mood

Our pads hang on individual hangers that allow them to dry after use.

We hang them upside down after use, so they have the remainder of the day off. Then all pads are flipped back over in the morning ready for the new day.

When our work pads get dirty, we give them a quick spray with the pressure washer, and then they go back on their spot.

Keeping clean pads is a must to helping keep our horse's skin health and rub-free. Having enough to go around, especially in the warmer months mean that no horse needs to work in a sweaty or dirty pad.

What would you like to see next Tuesday?

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