Upcoming Horses

Are you looking for your next horse? Or just want a sticky beak?

Here are some of our OTTB that are in for training and are waiting for the moment they are ready for their next home. Each horse will be at different stages of their training, so some of these horses may be on a spell or just starting their retraining. However, don't let this stop you from keeping an eye on those eye-catching stars!  Please feel free to drop me an email.

Please feel free to check out our informational pages below.

Please see below some of our upcoming horses either in or beginning training or on spell 


Currently, in training, ready for sale.

Leo is a sweet 4-year old that was unfortunately not fast enough to race, with this he has only done the equivalent of a 2-year-old racehorse. the bonus to this is that he has had a nice time to mature and he will be up and running in no time.

Leo is ready for sale as a green horse waiting for a home that has the patience to help him through all the firsts in life, he has proven to be very sweet but needs guidance from a confident rider to help him face new things.

Leo is an easy horse to work with and even when something courses concerned he will put his big pants on for his handler.

has fantastic breaks no matter the situation.

Leo is kind by nature and very sweet, i am sure he will make anyone happy.

currently available for $2,000

Lord John (Jonah)

Currently spelling

At the age of 3 Jonah is standing at 17.2 hh with a beautiful stong build and the nicest personality to go along with his stunning looks.

Starzone ( Cosmo )

Current training paused due paddock accident.

Cosmo is a lovely show type standing at 16hh, built compact and strong perfect for a hunter class. he also has a beautiful light bay colour unique to his father's lines, anyone would stand out with this horse no matter the discipline.

Cosmo is currently coming in from his spell with casual groundwork and desensitization,

watch this space and my Socials to keep in the loop with this cool dude!

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