When there ready to go

The magic step, are they ready?

this is one of the hardest parts, as I am always going to want them to be better, stronger, more consistent and have more exposure.

however, the day must come for me to make the decision they are ready to be ridden by anyone fitting their personality and for me to write up there add.

every horse is different but I ask my self these questions before I put them up for sale -

  1. Do they understand leg pressure and contact properly?

  2. Are they consistent at both?

  3. Are they willing?

  4. Have they learnt enough to be bought by the level rider most suited to there personality?

  5. Are they safe?

  6. Do they come back down calmly after being scared or worked up?

Once I can comfortably answer all these questions with a yes, they then go up for sale.

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