When they arrive

When our horses first arrive of the truck/ float after finishing there racing carrier the first thing that is done is a once over of the body and a then chucked in the yards with some hay and water so they can have a break from there travels.

after this important step they are brought out to do some minor handling, there walked around the property and asked to "park" in various busy areas around the property, this is then followed by some small conversations about body position and how they come off pole pressure, once this is completed there first day is done and dusted, so easy right? 

these meaningful first conversations help set the tempo for there future expectations as well as giving us a good understanding of the way they react to pressure and what they already know.

Over the next week, the same prosses is repeated, during this time they are already out in there spell paddock meeting new friends and getting to stretch there legs as well as relax and eat.

This first step is really great as it gets the horses already on the right path to be respectful, handled in a new way as well as introducing their personality and what they can be like when explosive as the first week will most of the time be there most stressful time and it shows there character.

Before the new babies even arrive there the first Dentist and Farrier visit are already booked in, it is very important to have their teeth done as soon as possible as you have no idea of the condition, so best to be safe and have it sorted early just to be safe.

the farrier is equally as important so that you can start a plan to sort out any hoof problems they may have and, of course, take off their race plates if still on, unfortunately, if they have race plates on they can't go out with friends until there removed to be safe.

Last but certainly not least bodywork therapist will be booked in, this can happen straight away or this can happen in a few months time, it will all come down to the horse, how the horse is letting down as well as there body health and sensitivity.

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